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Modus is a transport and logistics company, which provides a wide range of services, such as unloading ships, transporting machinery and equipment by road, containerized cargo and general cargo. We have a clear strategy of constantly investing in improving the quality of the services provided, in particular our capacity to respond, our proximity to our customers and our innovation at all levels. We believe that we are able to face the challenges that our customers present us daily, with high standards of safety and quality.

Ship Unloading

We deal with all the logistical and administrative process to unload the ships (except customs clearance). We operate in the ports of Luanda and Lobito. 

Containerized Cargo Transport

We transport containers of up to 40 tonnes, and we also provide our containers to transport your products

Equipment Transport

We transport all types of equipment and machinery, whether for industry or construction, and deliver it anywhere in the country

General Cargo Transportation

We transport any type of general cargo (except the one considered dangerous by the DP 195/12), palletized, bagged, big bags, sling bags, such as, for example, sugar, rice, manioc, flour, steel products, etc.

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Our passion our vision.

Mission - Vision

Our mission & Our vision

Quality, safety and speed
Your goods delivered on time . Security, your merchandise is delivered in perfect condition . High security standards. Speed, we can find the right solutions for you. Local knowledge and advice on services in different areas of transport.

Our Mission ~

Based in Viana, we provide tailor-made services throughout the country, such as ship unloading, road transport of machinery and equipment, containerized cargo and general cargo.

Our Vision ~

Our focus is the satisfaction of our customers. We guarantee high quality standards in our services, starting from a demanding recruitment of our employees, to the maintenance of our fleet and to the internal security and quality processes.

Consult our services

Consult our services

Consult our services

Did you know....

Curious data about freight transport and maritime logistics

At sea or land there are no stops for us.

The largest container ship in the world is Emma Maersk.
- Name: Emma Maersk
- Origin: Denmark
- Length - 397 meters
- Width - 63 meters
- Gross displacement - 123,200 tons
- Propulsion - A 14-cylinder diesel engine in line, producing 110,000 BHP, single axle and propeller.
- Service speed - 50 Km / h
- Capacity - 15,000 TEU

We provide an integrated transport network.

We guarantee high quality standards in our services, which start with the rigorous recruitment of our employees, the maintenance of our vehicles and the internal safety and quality processes

Quality, safety and speed

Our focus is the satisfaction of our customers

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