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  • Quality, safety and speed
    Service Offering

    Quality, safety and speed

    Confidence- Your goods delivered on time. Security- Your goods delivered in perfect conditions. High safety standards. Speed- We can find the right solutions for you. Local knowledge and assistance services in several areas of transport.
  • High standards of safety and quality.
    We make connections, we empower your business.

    High standards of safety and quality.

    We believe we are able to answer with high safety and quality standards to the challenges our costumers present us daily. Ship unloading, Transportation of Equipment, Container and General Services.
  • No worries, know all we can do for you….
    Don't exchange experiences ... stay with ours

    No worries, know all we can do for you….

    Ensuring efficient and competitive transportation, logistics and support services solutions, promoting customer satisfaction, are the DNA of our mission and vision.

The Fleet

Modus owns more than 50 Foton Auman and Volvo vehicles able to provide transport and logistic services nationwide.


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  • Ship Unloading
  • Equipment Transport
  • Containerized Cargo Transport
  • General Cargo Transport



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Modus is a fully Angolan transport and logistics company. Headquartered in Viana, we provide tailor-made services throughout the country, such as unloading ships, transporting machinery and equipment by road, or containerized and bulk cargo.



Our focus is the satisfaction of our customers. We ensure high quality standards in our services, which start with the rigorous recruitment of our employees, in the maintenance of our vehicles and in the internal processes of safety and quality. 

Modus is duly licensed for the activity of road freight transport, with the National Institute of Road Transport, as well as its entire vehicle fleet, thus complying with the requirements demanded by the existing regulations in the country.

We are constantly improving our services so that we can best serve our customers and grow together with Angola

The pillars of our success

Our values define the company's culture and represent the principles in which we develop our activity and our relationship with all partners, customers and suppliers; they are part of the daily lives of our employees and the day-to-day of the company, in the decisions we make and in the way we approach the challenges we daily face.



We value people and have a valuable team of employees and collaborators with us, one of the pillars of our organization. In a coordinated action, guided by efficient management, it has been with them that we have confirmed the relationship of trust achieved in the market


Respect for customers and suppliers, believing in the work skill of each one and defending the values of all stakeholders.


We can ... to any location at the right time


Our mission is to guarantee our customers that their goods arrive quickly and safely at their destination


We have specialized technical and human resources, providing all customers with an excellent service, with maximum safety and accuracy, in all areas of the company's activity.


Focus the management on optimized structured processes, contributing to the development of competitive advantages in the market.

Customer service

Overcome the customer’s expectations, through the provision of commitment and added value services, supported by flexible, innovative and technologically advanced solutions.
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Available to provide transport and logistics services nationwide
Main Provinces
Bié, Benguela, Cuanza North, Cuanza South, Huíla, Huambo, Luanda, Luanda North, Luanda South, Malanje, Moxico and Namibe
We are proud to offer an excellent work environment in which everyone is important
Travelled Monthly
As long as there is a road, we will go further

To beinnovativeresponsiblethankfulis in Modus DNA

Guided by a set of values and politics that reflect the mission and the vision of the company in a continuously evolving market, in order to be the reference company in the South of Africa in terms of quality of service for the Transport and Logistics Sector.

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We support our efforts in ways never done before

Engineering and Construction


Equipment and Services


Message from the President

"We believe in making the difference by contributing to a future of sustainable growth in Angola, our bet is to focus in our customers and in the progression of our employees"
Did you know...

By sea or by land we never stop .

First, a relatively unknown statistic is that 90% of world transport is carried out by sea. This explains why the largest shipping companies are from maritime powers or from trading centers located in large ports.

We provide an integrated transport network.

We guarantee high quality standards in our services, starting from a demanding recruitment of our employees, to the maintenance of our fleet and to the internal security and quality processes.

Quality, safety and speed.

Our focus is the satisfaction of our customers

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"...There are a high number of vehicles that perform the service of transporting dangerous goods in our country whose safety requirements are not taken into account..."

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